Small scale traders who are itching a living out of handful assorted merchandizes whose street values do not meet any business threshold are facing the wrath of the Juba City Council (JCC) again with threats to leave their stalls and relocate to other parts yet to be identified. For town planning the move would be supported but this seems not to be the case. There seems to be some hidden faces who would want to see these traders evicted so that they can take over the empty areas for their personal use. This time around, the Central Equatoria Chamber of Commerce is taking over the arbitration and would want to see problems affecting the traders handled with respect and dignity as they are also contributors to the town’s development with whatever little being collected from them in the name of daily taxes. If it is relocating the small scale businesses in this particular area, the vast Konyo-Konyo market then the JCC should be candid enough to give them the other possible space instead of daily harassment and confiscation of their hard earned merchandizes.  Nobody is opposing the intended development if truly it is there. The only issue at hand is how the matter was being handled. With the chamber coming in, let the true picture be displayed and the traders made to know the actual happenings. The little taxes from their wares are helping but should not be collected forcefully with threats of eviction. The parties involved should handle the matters with sober minds to bring satisfaction to the traders who are only hawking for their daily survival. The question of service delivery hangs high with council chief officers being seen as taking back seats. They should not wait and act outside their mandates since every resident has a right of survival in this capital city.

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