Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

There is a saying that the problem in your brother’s house will not stop you from sleeping. In elaboration that your brother will only comfort you during the day but when night comes he will be in his comfort zone snoring it out. My point is that not everybody claiming to be your friend means well to you.  In fact that someone who claims to be close ties with you is more of an enemy than the perceived one because they can bring you down at a wimp. Let’s remember this story because yesterday a friend called me to tell the tale of once upon a time someone whom he had presumed to be his best and close friend had betrayed him through an unexpected forum. The so-called friend had gone public with damaging information which were not authenticated and which had all the innuendoes to accompany them in the breath that they were gospel truth as uttered. My friend was still nursing the shock of the time wondering why some people were so evil and why someone should take it upon themselves to go to such length to settle some scores only well known to them.  Culture and human values have been thrown out of the window. In old days, people valued others and could not tell tales which were not true and consistence to the cultural values and the norms of humanity. If only one was to be told that in this world we are all the same in the eyes of God, then somehow one would rethink before doing harm to the other. It does not pay to hurt. It only pains, but the living God can lift one from the unexpected. This is what l told my friend who felt so much betrayed by one whom he had all along confided to with many of his private and domestic information. He parted by telling me that he had learned the best lesson which was never taught in school. The lesson was that from now on he was on his own and will never again trust someone close or far with his personal information to avoid being taken for a ride or vendettas created against him. We live in a world full of wonders and sometime we forget very fast. Forgiving is one of the key nature which makes life promising. It should only be applied when and where honesty is practiced otherwise it would lose the meaning and be of no substances to our daily lives.It reminded me that one has to remain and continue living his or her own life and chat their own destination to suit their future bearing in mind that whatever we do in this world we have only six feet spared for us to occupy at the end of life.

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