Sky aviation makes first flight to Gulu

By Opio Jackson

Sky Travel and Aviation, a South Sudanese based aircraft company last Saturday launched its flight from Juba to Gulu.

The 5Y-WMM left Juba Saturday morning and kissed Gulu airport after one hour.

The plane was supposed to make its first landing at Gulu airport on Friday afternoon but officials said the trip was postponed because it was waiting for frequency from the authorities in Uganda.

Charles Oryem, one of the passengers who traveled on the plane said it was a good experience for him.

“It is of an advantage for us who come from this part of the country because normally when we want to come home we have to go to Entebbe then you come back to Kampala so as to get Gulu bus. This is a great opportunity I wish it continues because it makes movement easier,” he said.

He said with the launch of the new flight in Gulu, one can come home on Friday then go back to Juba on Monday morning.

“We want this flight to continue, it should not be the first and the last because we have many people from northern Uganda who are working in South Sudan and this will facilitae their movement home,” Mr. Oryem said.

“I would like to encourage my fellow northern Ugandans who are working in South Sudan to use the airline because it is less expensive. For me it has been a good experience,” he said.

Aligech George Lapir, President of Gulu Municipal Development Forum said launching of the flight has given them the opportunity to go regional and international.

“It has given us the opportunity to go to Juba within one hour and then in the evening you are back to Gulu.

He said it was the right time for Gulu businessmen to change their mind set of municipality to the city.

“You need to go international whatever goods we have we can export them out and as well import what we don’t. We don’t need to depend only on Kampala,” Lapir stressed.

“The coming of this flight is very timing as we enter the city status by 2020,” he added.

Lapir stressed that they have a lot of business opportunities to transact between Gulu and Juba and other East African countries.

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