Sixteen teens arrested for indulging in discos

By Morris Dogga

At least 16 teenagers in Yambio have been punished for indulging in disco halls, the Mayor of Yambio Municipality said.

In a phone interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, the Mayor, Singira Robert Daniel said the teenagers were arrested by security officers as part of a crackdown on minors who go to disco halls.

Daniel said the 16 teenagers were flogged before being released.

“The security forces arrested 16 minors, they called me, after which I went and flogged them and let them go,” he said.

Daniel said the operation was an effort exerted by the authorities to protect the teenagers from behaviors that could keep them out from school.

He said it was almost becoming a habit for minors going to disco halls every weekend.

Daniel said it was alarming because there was a case where a teenage mother left her baby in the room and went to the disco, the baby cried until it died.

“We have to protect the young kids especially the girl child from doing what they don’t know is dangerous,” he said.

“If we arrest them again, we will flog them and take them to the juvenile Centre and they would have to work for the community for some time so that others can learn from them,” he added.

He said the current economic crisis has pushed many teenagers especially the girls to get involved in bad practices as a means of survival.

Daniel called on parents to take care of their children until they reach 18 years and above so that they are not spoiled, adding that parents should also do their part in taking care of the children.

He urges the disco owners and the local artist to register any teenager who is found at the disco halls and report to the authorities.

He warned that if the disco owners fail to report any teenager in the disco halls to the authorities, their halls will be closed.

Daniel said the operation will continue as there is already laws in place for the minors refrain from the discos.


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