Six years’ old girl died of snake bite

By BullenBala Alexander

A six year girl died of snake bite in Mvolo County, Western Equatoria State on Sunday authorities confirmed.

In a Phone interview, John Komo Dee the Commissioner of Mvolo County said issues of snake bites was worrying as it increased daily.

“Snake bites in Mvolo County is becoming an issue right now as we are speaking, on Sunday three people were bitten by snakes and out of the three, a six year old girl passed on,” he said.

“The two others are getting treatment at Mvolo Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC), this thing depends on the size of the snake, the one which bite the young girls was a very big one and the two survivors were bitten by small snakes,” Mr. Dee revealed.

According to Dee, a young lady was bitten at night while sleeping inside the room on bed.

“It was at night when the young girl was their bed, the snake entered in the house where they were sleeping and bitten the late though she was rushed to Mvolo PHCC she could not survivor due to lack of anti-venoms,” he explained.

He said due to the bush and kind of savanna grass land the place hada number of as it was an environment suitable for the reptiles.

“You know here in Mvolo, we have poor health system, the PHCC has no drugs or medicines for curing snake bites. We have Hospital but there are no medicines that may be able to cure snake bites,” Dee said.

Tatawa James a clinical officer at Mvolo County PHCC said the snake bites had become second to malaria in the area saying it was threat to the county.

“The snake bite hasbecome second to malaria in my facility just today having three patients. Unfortunately we lost a very young, beautiful lady.  I am with deep sorrow to lose my patient from snake bite just because of not having anti venoms at the facility,” Mr. James regrets.

He said the issue of snake bite in the area was increasing every day and night and still the PHCC remained without anti venoms.

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