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Six traders killed along Duk Padiet and Fangak counties

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least six traders have been killed at the borders of Duk Padiet of Jonglei State and Fangak County of Fangak State, Jonglie State authorities said.

The traders in the two states are involved in cross border cattle trade as they cross the Nile on either side to buy or sell livestock.

Addressing the media yesterday, Jonglei State Governor Philip Aguer confirmed that the traders were killed by some suspected criminals who allegedly escaped from Duk Padiet County prison.

”They were some criminals who were arrested on the theft of cattle and they were in jail at Duk Padiet. Unfortunately a separate group of criminals came and opened the jail by force allowing all of them to escape out of the prison,” Aguer explained.

“The criminals later went and laid an ambush against the traders and killed six of them,”Aguer added.

He added that these are people who want to portray bad image of Greater Jonglei States.

”This is the work of people who want to provoke the communities when there is peace. We definitely condemn it.  Criminals don’t gain anything but peace lovers gain something when there is peace,” he stated.

Governor Aguer reiterated that these were criminals who wanted to spoil the conducive atmosphere that had been prevailing in the area.

He directed the Commissioner of Duk Padiet County to give a proper report regarding the latest killing in the area and the steps taken to apprehend the criminals.

According to Governor Aguer, Fangak town was also looted on Sunday following revenge attack for the traders who lost their lives, saying the relatives of the deceased mobilized and looted Fangak town.

”We must correct that situation. I am only waiting for a report from the commissioner of Duk Padiet County about who exactly were the criminals,” he said.

Aguer warned that such behavior should not be allowed to derail the peaceful coexistence in Greater Jonglei States and the neighbors.


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