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Six schools submerged in Jonglei

By Jacob Bol Mayar

The Director for Bor county Department of Education has reported that six schools both private and public primary school are under water as heavy rain sweep over Jonglei state.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday,the director of Bor county department of education Gabriel Panchol Anyang said the recent flood have displaced six schools like Arek, Malou, Saint Luke, Anyidi girls and other schools.

“Most schools affected by flood last year are relocated and supply with plastic sheet and other scholarship materials. We talked to some communities to mobilized the children in order to start like Mathiang relocated to Bor town feom Baidit and the education partners will supply them with plastic sheet and other scholarships materials,” . Panchol said.

However, the Director of Khang Integrated Junior Primary school,Malual Maduk said that flood have displaced the school they are looking for vacancy place to move the school to, so that pupils can attend their classes but the classes should only start during after noon time.

“During these times of difficulties parents should cooperate with the school’s administration to forward the education of the children by paying the school in time. The government have brutal their heads in the sand they are not helping the floodaffected schools to relocated,”Maduk said.

He added that the data from Bor county Department of Education reported that over 24 school’s primary and 2 secondary schools both this year and last year respective. The flood displaced over 90,000 to the neighboring state as internal displaced person in the last year.

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