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SIX Major Investors halt Plans

By Nema Juma

The South Sudan Investment Authority yesterday revealed that  at least six major international investors had put on hold their action plan for the country due to the emergence of coronavirus.

The COVID-19 has cause economic meltdown across the Country with major companies halting their investments. Some economies are already struggling to keep the Momentum.

 In an exclusive interview,the Secretary General Investment Authority, Dr. Abraham Maliet said the Investors had expressed their interests in the country in the Month of December and January, but put on hold their action due the surge of the pandemic which had affected operations of many institutions.

He said most of the Investors were from major companies in the United States, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

He said that though the investment in South Sudan had slowed down due to the virus, the doors were still open for potential investments such as health Provision with so many institutions worldwide were eager to explore.

“I believe that there will be many investors approaching us to provide health kits to protect us from COVID 19,” Abraham said

He said that during the same period the USA did what they call climate investment statement, “We had a conversation with them, we asked for our investment regime because that is when they get to write a positive report or advice,” he added.

“We had two double impacts on investment because before COVID’19, we were just picking up on at the same time waiting for the formation of the unity government to move us forward”

He said that at the time some investors had high hopes shortly before the COVID’19 came in and affected the whole world.

“I have seen online many people are making the protection kits like the mask, sanitizers and other equipment and you see people constructing big building. Locally people are manufacturing the masks,” he said, adding such plans should be encouraged in boosting local investments..

“I would like to encourage the investors that this coronavirus will go. L am optimistic there will be cure maybe from now up to the end of the year there will be a vaccine.

So as an investor you should begin to prepare yourself for the investment and go for soft investment as the fight against coronavirus continues.” Abraham added.

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