Six killed, four wounded in Lakes State

By Mabor Riak Magok

Local authorities in Rumbek Lakes State said six people were killed and four others sustained injuries in inter-communal violence in a cattle camp on Wednesday.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the youth leader Makur Deng said the cause of clashes was triggered by misunderstanding between the two people in the cattle camp.

Makur didn’t justify the exact cause of the fighting but said it was a misunderstanding between the two people which later involved, Youth from Nyang and Amothnhom area.

“There was no intention for the youth from Kuei to fight against themselves. This was just a mere misunderstanding among themselves and it is now resolved by chiefs and local youth leaders who had intervened to de-escalate the fight,” said Makur.

He said, four wounded in the fight are now receiving treatment in Rumbek State hospital. 

Makur appealed to government of Lakes State to speed up the process of collecting firearms in the hands of Gelwong youth.

He said, delay to carry out the disarmament exercises in the State would increase more suffering and loss of lives.

Attempts to reach the police spokesperson in Lakes State for comments on the latest fresh fighting between Nyang and Amothnhom were futile.

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