Six Foot spits fire on hate and tribalism in new album

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Talented Rapper called Six Foot has spat fire on hate and tribalism on his muhaba album.

The muhaba album that preached love and peace is a reminder to the South Sudanese across the world to put love and develop the country according to the singer.

Six Foot who is currently in Cairo promoting the muhaba album for the South Sudanese community living in Egypt and the world at large.

“Muhaba is actually based on the day to day life in South Sudan, the war and how much it has created hate and tribalism but the album is reminding my people that having love in the hearts is better than hate”, said Six Foot.

Six Foot revealed that he decided to use Rap music to pass the message because it is the genre of music that is greatly understood by youth across the world.

“I am targeting my fellow youth in the song and preaching to them in the language that they understand, we need love in our hearts in order to make South Sudan the land of Kush and Honey again,” said Six Foot.

The Muhaba album currently include songs like Street Sweeper, Paundii, Holiday and Run.

Six Foot said that he wants the album to have ten songs and he is working on the remaining songs in Cario.

Upon promoting the muhaba album in Cario, Six Foot said that he will come to South Sudan and also do the same.

“Muhaba or love is what we need to move our nation to the next step and when I am done with Cario, I will come home to promote the message of love through my music,” Six Foot said.

Six Foot is a household Hip-Hop name and his song “Woii Woii” that won the MTN Eye Radio Music Awards in 2016 still rings a bell in the ears of his fans.

Zol Ta Nas is music label founded by Six Foot to share skills with upcoming Hip-Hop Rappers in South Sudan.

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