Six dead in police against armed youth shootout

By Mabor Riak Magok

At least six people, including three police officers were killed in a shootout between police and armed youth in Cuei-adukan area of Western Lakes State on Monday according to authorities in the State.

Five other people were also wounded in the incident, a police officer in the area told Juba Monitor on a phone interview.

The incidence took place on Monday evening at around 4:00 PM when some groups of armed youth suspected to be from Rup Community raided over two hundred herds of cattle that were paid as dowry to the father of a bride by the Community of Amothnhom.

Police source said that the armed youth from the side of the bridegroom were suspected to have attacked and killed people in the area of Cuei-adukan.

“On our side as police, we have lost three people and five wounded, including the Captain of the area during heavy exchange of gunfire between the police and the armed youth attackers yesterday morning in Cuei-adukan,” said the Police Officer.

He said the incident occurred after two hundred herds of cattle were raided on Sunday from the relative of the bride by suspected armed youth from Rup Community.

“These armed youth first came on Monday evening pursuing the raiders desperately and they ended up killing two people and today (Tuesday) morning they came again targeting police on the basis of their community background in Cuei-adukan,” he said.

The Minister of Local Government, Abraham Meen Kuc said that the state government had managed to deploy heavy police and military personnel to calm the situation.

Local sources in the area said that they had witnessed the presence of police, but tension was still high.

Attempts to reach the state Minister of Information and Communication were futile at press time.




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