Single D preparing for his biggest launch ever

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Single D, the about to go down singer is currently under preparation for his biggest album launch since his music career.

The singer who rose to fame with his about to go down single have been performing in fellow artists concerts and gigs in and outside the country but come August 2019 some few days from now, the stainless king will headline his own show.

Speaking to Shako on the beat who is the producer and manager of Single D, all is been set and the dates and venues to the album launch named God above all will go down.

When Single D released the about to go down, all eyes were on the singer if he was going to organize a show under the theme of the song but all was in vain.

Single D rocked the year 2016, 17,18 and 2019 with the about to go down but what the fans did not know was the underground plan for the massive album launch that is not even in the names of about to go down.

“About to go down for to break the music market and it worked, it proved to us how much people loved Single D and since then we have been working on massive projects under the name God above having ten songs,” said Single D.

Single D revealed that he was quiet from the music scene because he has devoted all the energy to his album.

“To my fans, comes next month lets show love to your song, brother, cousin, friend as we will be launching our biggest album of all times, it will be a live show not a play back event,” said Single D.

Single D is kindly rated amongst the best RNB male artist in the country, song writer and composer.


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