Silver X apologizes to his fans

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Famous Artists commonly known as Silver X, apologized to his fans for being outside the country for months and not being seen performing.

On Saturday, Silver X told Juba Monitor that he realized that doing music in foreign country could not be compared with one’s country.

“I decided to come back home to relax my mind, interact with the people, get to know what to do because when I get back, I have energy, I have blessing and I know what I have to sing for them.  I came back to promote my album which talks about “teach the world” because this album is big album in my entire career,” he said.

Mr. Silver X, added that the album with fourteen songs launched earlier talks about messages of love and peace in the society.

He said singing music for peace is the only way to promote and bring changes to the current generations.

Silver X is one of the famous artists in the music industry; he released his first album named Binia Lotuko before he founded a musical group named New Sudan Superstars in 2008. The second album titled “Wasaaka Bataal” which is translated, “rubbish is bad.”

 In 2010, he launched his fourth debut studio album titled “Fetishu Shukul” which means, “searching for a job” The album is the most played song of Silver X because the song is concerned with the youths who are searching for jobs yet no one is willing to employ them though they are qualified graduates. The song was voted by many radio stations as song of the year. The same year he unveiled his fifth studio album “Wele” which was voted as Voice of the People (VP) song of the year among others.

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