Silencing guns must be upheld

Anna Nimiriano
Editor in Chief
Juba Monitor

The concerned authorities in the country should observe silencing guns in areas around Juba City and beyond. Those shooting guns in residential areas at night need to be tracked, because there is no reason for them to open fire while people are in peaceful environment. The authorities are to find out who are those people shooting guns and for what reasons.

Is it soldiers or group of criminals doing the acts? If they are soldiers, the authorities should find out what were their problems, if it is a group of people, it needs to be noticed and considered serious. Guns should be opened for enemies who are coming to attack people in the areas. At the moment we don’t expect somebody to be our enemy although there are some groups in the bush expected to come home like Thomas Cirilo and Paul Malong. They are sons of this country; I hope they would joint their colleagues soon to participate in the development of this country.

For that reasons, the rest of the people have united and formed the Transitional Government of National Unity under one umbrella of President Salva Kiir and the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar on 22nd of this month. Any person shooting gun is anti-peace which is not acceptable by this time. People are for forgiveness and reconciliation. We cannot go back to the old face of South Sudan. New chapter was opened for people of South Sudan to follow the foot step of peace makers.

Those who were still with old face of conflict are to be informed of what is going on in the country from 22nd of this month up to this moment. It is better for us to understand the environment where we are now. Conflict cannot take us ahead or move this country forward.

However, let the authorities concerned remove guns in the hands of civilians. During the conflict there were many people who had guns in Juba and in the states. That is why there were lots of revenge attacks among cattle raiders and communities of various areas. We need to respect this peace and move towards peace building which is the first priority for the people of South Sudan. All of us should joint hands and sing the songs of peace.

May God bless us all.

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