Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Silence is a sign of admission or acceptance. That is what we have been made to believe and in this case we believe this could be true within the World Food Programme.  My colleague David Mono Danga sounded a call to me on Saturday that he was in a kill. He had an elephant for his supper “Yaba it is done. You will not believe it. Humanitarian food stuff are being sold openly in the local markets.” My response was simple do the good job my son. We meet tomorrow in the office (Sunday). Indeed it was just like he was telling me and when he asked for comments from WFP, some people were so concerned and asked him not to publish the story. This side of the bargain we shall tackle sometime not today. Humanitarian assistance is supposed to be distributed freely to the needy. WFP knows this very well. What we are asking is; is it the staff of this organization or who is (are) behind the sale of the items. It is a breach of the international humanitarian aid requirements.  WFP and other international organizations operating in the country are always quick to point a finger when something “tinny” occurred or something small. But for them they would not want to be in the limelight of negative exposure. We have said before and saying it now. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. When international voices are in the forefront criticizing some happenings here, these organizations are as if they work together for certain purposes. This is not the first time such accusations have been leveled against humanitarian organizations. But in every situation they come out defending their cause to the hilt. We have no war with these organizations but we are duty bound to question their behaviours and their services to the country and the citizens. There must be the start of transparency and accountability by these organizations because they are based here for their services. Not otherwise. We cannot allow to be taken in the category of mediocre. It goes without saying that behind the curtains those heading these organizations enjoy enormously because of their working here under the pretext of being in a conflict zone. They are paid millions in allowance and some of them who have left after the end of duty period have found themselves coming back in the country to engage in other activities. There is no quarrel with these actions but they should have some respect for the local people instead of treating them the negative way. They are so many but time will tell since there is no one who would want to remain in harsh condition for life. WFP and his likes should come out clean instead of trying to muzzle their way around. The country is headed for permanent peace and all the people are eagerly waiting for is the move to develop their societies. We are tired of being treated like small children. Respect is a two-way traffic and this must go down well to those who are thinking differently. There must be respect for and among all. Some international organizations have had their field day, blasting and diminishing any situation that come their way even humanitarian aid support has had its share of the same. Spare us the rod and first clean your own house. You cannot be shouting loudly of the dirt in my backyard while yours has heaps of the same.

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