Signs of development

By Akol Arop Akol

At least now, I could see how we are trying to build the country. We have been idle for quite long. Now everyone is busy running up and down, working, praying and hopping the work of their sweat give them wealth and happiness to replace the bad memories of the past.

Everyone is wishing to get a job and disassociate from things that bring confusion. It means the past is taken as a lesson that made all to understand that peace is for all good things and war for evils. When there is war, there are chances of robbery, rapping, looting, adultery, begging and killing in the communities, not because people choose to do so but these are the results and consequences of war. People who start the war may be politicians and the fighting is accelerated by the civilians who have misrepresentations.

In order to make our people hopeful, they need to be informed, presented and served equally. They need services to reach them as Late Dr. John Garang once talked about taking town to the people. It is not taking Juba or the central Government to rural areas but its distributing equal services to every state and to everyone who is a child of this land.

But it has become the opposite; people are taking villages to town. They are shifting to towns for better education, medication, accommodation and recreation leaving the areas undeveloped. Certainly, they have the right to come to the Capital to look for jobs and taste some modern things.

Inopportunely, here jobs are limited, people are segregated and there is gender discrimination which all results into idling of the youth. The men and women are jobless and could not provide the family resulting into isolation of elderly people and young children siting on the streets to ask some help from the passengers.

The government should take a step to rescue. They are leading people and these people are the country. It is not a wish or begging to please them. That is what they are supposed to do. Leadership is by one’s decision to present the people and fight for their rights.

Resources are plenty but if we all take our plates and spoons to enjoy them, they will not satisfy us simply because there are greedy people who have never heard of a word called equality. They would come with buckets instead of plates. They would come with pangs instead of spoons to cut the land and sell it to be rich. They would come with tanks to drain to sell for their accounts and stomachs to grow fatter while the rest remain crying and dying.

These resources we keeping talking about are for us all. We need them to be exploited and used for development. We are not complaining to fill our pockets but need to see physical changes in the public service-institutions. Schools, ministry, industry, sport places, the roads, market need to be developed as these are things necessitated by the civil population.

I have seen a little development in terms of road and electricity, nevertheless we are still complaining for our Government to work for the interest of people not the individuals who think of ranks, political power and material treasure used to exploit guiltless and the  underprivileged ones. I have seen some roads being repaired and electricity poles are being placed around Juba City’s streets which are signs of development. The little needs to be appreciated.


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