Significance of Public Relations

By Sunday Grasiano Edward

In Public Relations, when I talk about images, I mean a correct impression to frank Jefkins in public relations there can be different kinds of images.

The mirror image is how an organization sees itself, the wish image is how the company would like to see itself and the optimum image is the possible projection that can be achieved bearing in mind the competition from other claims on the public attention and interest.

The multiple image occurs when different representatives of an organization eg salesmen, each gives a different perspectives.

Personal image advertising will set out to establish a particular distinctive image that may not be the complete picture, which identifies the product or whatever may be the most advantageous and sales promoting characteristics

While it is not the function of Public Relations to persuade public organizations, its policy, product or service image advertising is therefore very often in the interests of the consumer for it to position the product in the market.

There is no point in marketing a product, which no one understands or about, which people are skeptical about, prejudiced or hostile. This could lead to grossly wasteful expenditure on unsuccessful advertising. People tend to like the things they know and understand best; therefore, people are more likely to buy the known than the unknown.

We are frequently confronted with expression such as image making, polishing tarnished images and creating favorable images.

Correct image is a reflection of correct behavior, it is impossible to polish a tarnished image, the biggest problem in image making is that there are limitations on both output and input on information upon, which we form our images or impressions.

It is also about corporate advertising which is advertising whose objectives are to make favorable known the organization behind the product or services not the product or service itself.

Corporate advertising is used to promote the business or financial interest of the organization such advertising features information about the organization and its functions so that people will have more confidence in its and in the products or services it provides.

To be classified as corporate advertising, an advertisement must meet one of more of the following qualifications;

It must educate inform or impress the public regarding the organization’s policies function, facilities objectives ideals and standards.

It must build favorable opinion about the organization of stressing the competence of the organization management its scientific knowledge, manufacturing skills technological breakthrough and product improvement.

It must sell the company as a good place to walk.

In conclusion: Public are important because they are the target of all relations activities and attempts must be made to properly identify our relevant public as this is crucial to the success of any public activity that it intends to undertake.

The author is the student at the University of Juba

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