The last three days has seen a sigh of relief engulf Juba City and its suburbs. This was not only evident in the capital but reports from parts of the country equally revealed that they were preparing to enter another chapter after the J1 (State House) meeting between President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar.

They are the two main signatories to the revitalized peace accord, which is aimed at setting pace for the new inclusive government in November 2019.

One notable and important cause of action during the meeting is that prayers were held first to ignite the inner feeling of brotherhood and belonging for the cause of one country one people.

This should remain a firm foundation for the present and future being of this country. Tolerance and togetherness should be among the components forming the being of this nation with God fearing leaders.

The expectation, which was there yesteryears and yesterday is for peace to prevail for the good of all nations, this country being among them.

Whatever one says now apart from peace and stability is not important. It will only be important when peace is achieved and everyone is free to go about his/her business without fear of uncertainty.

This is why there should be no other drum-beat sound that is different from the current on-going at State House, which is aimed at achieving the most elusive but most necessary item in life, peace.

The hopes of many citizens are coming to reality. Once again the country needs to fully back the process and support the leaders without looking at their ethnic and community backgrounds. This should also prepare the nation to work as a team in preparation for the new inclusive government set for November this year.

It is not who has done it but appreciation will be to those who stood firm despite internal and external trials to bring peace home.

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