Shun violence and foster peace, Activist tells youth

By Jale Richard

South Sudanese youth should put aside their differences, unite for a common cause and not engage in acts of violence that will destroy the nation, the director of Grand Debaters’ Association has said.

Philip Malaak Chol, the youth should foster peace and unity instead of engaging in conflicts that divide the country.

He made these remarks in an exclusive interview with the Juba Monitor after returning from a seven-day awareness campaign in Yambio late last month.

The National NGO conducted a seven day awareness campaign in Yambio, Gbudue State under the theme, “time is now, take action to eradicate Gender Based Violence (GBV) against women and the youth for sustainable and durable peace in South Sudan”.

The campaign was meant to engage the youth on ending violence against women and young girls.

Malak said Gbudue State Governor Daniel Badagbu encouraged them to continue reaching out to the people in the grassroots to preach peace.

He further said that they engaged the communities through radio talk shows, debate, participatory dialogue and panel discussion and educated them so that they end all forms of violence against women and girls.

“The young girls we managed to engage said that one of the factors affecting them is forced marriage, while others said that the challenge affecting girls and women is peace,” he revealed.

He added that the awareness campaign programme was not only meant for Yambio but the organization want to roll out the same programme across the country despite the financial constrains affecting them.

Malaak appreciated the UN Women for their support and called on other UN agencies, well-wishers and the government to support them in their endeavors to preach peace across the country.

Nyatuach James Gatduel, the Administration Manager on her part called on parents and elders to give girls the opportunity to get educated.

She said that some cultural practices such as early child marriage and forced marriage have taken a lot of strain on young girls and women in South Sudan.

“Let us do away with the bad cultures. If we continue to focus more on culture then we won’t be able to move forward as a nation,” Nyatuach emphasized.

Akau Garang, the Programme Officer of Grand Debaters’ said that women and girls in South Sudan have suffered humiliation and it was high time the society eradicated unethical beliefs and cultures that infringe on the rights of women in the modern society.

He added that South Sudan can achieve peace, peaceful co-existence and level with other developed countries in the world only if the rights of children and education were prioritized.





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