Shun violence against NGOs workers

By Yiep Joseph

The Eastern Equatoria state government urged the youths to immediately stop violence on non-governmental Organizations operating in the state.

The statement came after Health Link driver was beaten by a group of youths known as Monyomiji, the ruling youths who claimed that the NGOs employ people outside the area and the state.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Aliandro Lotok, the press secretary in the office of the governor mentioned that some youths have taken law into their hands and intended to cause harm to the NGOs workers claiming to have been denied job opportunities.

“We called on the youths to refrain from taking law into their hands by attacking the NGOs who are operating in the state,” Lotok said.

“As government, we believe this is not the right way of handling issues and not the right way of solving grievances,” he added.

He urged on the Monyomiji to sit down with the NGOs and allow dialogue to take place adding that dialogue is the best way for solving misunderstanding.

“It is a bad discission this group of youths have taken and we urge them to refrain because the government will not just sit and allow people to destroy peace that is taking place in the state,” he said

 “Yesterday Health Link driver was beaten by a group of youths known as Monyomiji the ruling youth who claimed that the NGOs employ people outside the area and the state,” he narrated.

“This came after the youths wrote a petition to the governor accusing NGOs operating in the area for denying them Jobs,” he revealed.

He mentioned that youths from areas around Torit, Lofa and even Kapoeta areas complainedabout the same issue that they were not given employment opportunities.

He stated that the youths accused the NGO’s for employing staff from outside Eastern Equatoria and from outside South Sudan.

“We believe what happened was the respond to what the youths were complaining about. But as government we condemn this strategy of attacking NGOs or workers in the state,” he expressed.

“We urged youths to refrain from that act and let the government follow up this issue with NGOs and the UN on the issue of recruitment policies,” he revealed.

He mentioned that the government wrotea document to the NGOs and to the UNMISS in Torit to look for possible ways of addressing this issue.

However, Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) condemned the attack carried out by youths on Non-governmental Organizations.

In an interview with the Juba Monitor, Edmund Yakani the Executive Director for CEPO stated that the move made by the youth is bad that can be referred to as recklessness in handling issues.

“I know there are some malpractices in NGOs but we cannot fight them using violence. If you see any malpractice please make a report to the government,” Yakani said.

He added that violence on organization is not applicable and will not bring solution to the problems.

He said that NGO’s jobs require qualifications and therefore it needs competition based on competence.

He revealed that the idea of attacking the NGO’s on ethnic line is a bad act that will not be tolerated.

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