Should students be shot or taught?

By Akol Arop Akol

It is very sad and disappointing that unknown gunmen have resumed their evil business after they have been silenced for some months this year.

It was something to praise the government for improving the security in the city and protecting the lives of civilians who always fall victims of criminal attacks.

But again, they came with wobbling attack. People are asking themselves that when, how, and why did it happen? They did not get clear information because there are no right sources and to make it worse, people who are supposed to inform the public are hiding the details or did not come up with findings out of their investigation.

It is a bad practice that spoils the image of the country. If the unknown people could find ways into public places to carry out their evil activities, what about people in local areas who might face insecurity where the police are far?

It is believed that the stranger went to the hostel and asked for a girl he wanted but another girl with similar name was mistaken and called to come out from her room, the hostel. There, the gunmen shot her and ran. The lady was rushed to the Giada Hospital for treatment.

The question is, was the stranger on his personal mission or bribed and sent by someone else? We don’t know. The investigation should involve or target the university administration, Hostel students, parents and the so-called security said to have been deployed to protect the place.

What I know is that Juba University is at risk because it is in the center of the city. The main Campus and branch, Western campus and the hostels are far from one another and making it worse, they are near the public passway.

This means the location of the university is not that favorable but what I suggest is that the University administration and the whole Government must make sure the campus is free from criminals. Being near public road is risk because any stranger can see what and who is inside the compound.

The shooting of unknown gunmen is now a lesson to tell that students are not totally secured. There are some sayings that the hostel is not stable or controlled and the students mostly girls move out anyhow to loiter around.

They go to the market and other occasional places for parties, chill around and come to the hostel late. It is also said some men come near the hostel to take their girlfriends out.

Did it become a place of leisure rather than academics? Has it turned to be a searching ground where men come with their expensive cars to carry girls to clubs for parties?

It is painful that the generation that is supposed to build the nation is getting destroyed by men who confuse and misuse girls with juju and money to run after them yet they end up killing, impregnating and rejecting them. That is ruining of their future.

There is nothing in this world that can lead to a shooting of an innocent girl. Even in wars, women are not killed because they don’t often involve in criminal activities. In my reasoning alike to other people’s views, we think the case is related to relationship thing.

Either there is a boy who wasted his money and other expensive materials on the girl but disappointed him in the end or there could be a girl whom they crushed for one man. These are just assumptions.

Now that the unknown gunmen have reached to the University students, it means there is no safety and students always have that fear in them of being attacked. Anytime unknown people would try the same practice.

In order to avoid such insecurity, the hostel needs to be well renovated with a strong fence and security for students to sleep and go for lectures peacefully and comfortably.

My question, “should the students be shot or taught,” seeks to ask the administration of the University and the Government, are the students supposed to be attacked by unknown criminals yet it is your role to protect and teach them?


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