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Shortages of fuel should be resolved immediately

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

These days, the price of fuel has increased in the market due to shortages of fuel in the country. According to information published in the newspapers, the reason for the shortages of fuel was due to the continuing protest of drivers from the neighboring countries. They parked all vehicles at Elegu border point and protesting over the killing of the drivers along Juba –Nimule highway. These killings took place last month and still are continuing according to the report.

On the order side, the drivers are demanding for security and the compensation of their killed colleagues.Nevertheless, the security issue is important to all drivers moving along Juba – Nimule road for their safety.  Let government take it serious and resolve the matter within short period of time. Security is not only for drivers coming from the neighboring countries; it is important also for our drivers who are regularly using this road for their businesses. This situation needs to be solved immediately because it has made the price of fuel increase in petrol stations, with the above mentioned reasons.

The more the cars are parked at Elegu, the more the situation of fuel will become worse in the country.  It has hit the country andhas increased economic problems.  Not only fuel price which has increased, traders are increasing prices of all items in the shops and marketsbecause there are no goods coming from the neighboring countries. The demand of compensation of the killed drivers is to be solved together with the responsible people in the government based on the laws of South Sudan and those countries where the drivers come from. It is not work of one day; the most important thing is to solve thematter of road security so that those drivers at Elegu should come to Juba.

To have numbers of cars lining atElegu is notnoble in the side ofthe Ugandangovernment, the responsible authorities need to speak up before the situation becomes critical. It would affect many business people in the country; some people are using fuel for running generator for their business, cars and others.

May God bless us all.

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