SHORTAGE Twenty trucks on transit to Juba

Fuel Tankers at Nesitu yesterday (Photo: Trinity Energy)

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Twenty fuel tankers are on transit to Juba to ease the unexpected fuel shortage Trinity Energy management confirmed yesterday.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robert K. Mdeza confirmed to Juba Monitor that 17 of the twenty trucks had already passed through Nimule on the way to Juba while three were being filled at the loading point in Kenya.

“We have had some challenges in Kenya where we source fuel. The challenges have been mitigated and all our placed orders will be serviced. There will be enough fuel to our customers”, Mdeza said and later Trinity Management issued a statement (see the statement below)

Earlier, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) Akol Adok confirmed that six trucks had already arrived in Juba by yesterday evening, according to Akol Dok. The remaining trucks on transit will arrive in Juba in the course of this week.

“We hope these trucks will solve the fuel issues because one truck has over thirty five thousand litres of fuel. We have been having logistical issues at the South Sudan and Uganda border and this caused the shortage in Juba but we are working on it,” he added.

Akol also revealed that the fuel will be sold at the same price at fuel pumps, saying the shortage will not lead to increase of pump price.

“We are selling the petrol at the same price despite the shortage. A litre still remains at 200 SSP and we expect more fifteen trucks of fuel to arrive in Juba during the course of the week,” Akol told Juba Monitor.

The fuel shortage that started last Thursday has already shot up prices in the fuel black market where it can be found.

One and a half litres of petrol sold at 1,500 SSP by yesterday in the black market forcing many public transport operators to slightly increase their fares.

Saddam Migo said he used to spend 100 SSP to take him from his home near Bros Hotel to Juba town but now he pays 500 SSP for the same distance on boda boda.

“This shortage is making life hard. I just paid 500 SSP to move to Juba from Home yet I used to pay100,” Saddam said.

Trinity Energy Ltd , a homegrown Oil Marketing Company belongs to a diversified group that has interest in Infrastructure (Amoco Construction Group), IT & Software Services (Trinity Technologies Ltd), IT Infrastructure (Spazio Tech Solutions), Printing, Publishing & Branding (Rak Media Group) and Food (Trinity Holdings Ltd) and African Resources Ltd (Mining).

The Group Company “A&A Oil and Gas Ltd” has been given a license to build a 50,000 Barrels Per Day (BPD) Petroleum Refinery in South Sudan. This will be a green field Refinery and is being set up near the Oil fields in Palouch, about 350 Kilometers from Ethiopia (one of the largest energy markets in Africa that is growing at a CAGR of 15%)


Trinity Energy Limited would like to inform the general public about the recent shortage of petrol in the market. Trinity Energy has enough stocks of diesel to satisfy market demand. However, since the beginning of the year there has been petrol supply challenges in Kenya where we source our products. These challenges were mitigated until last week when our loading plans were not met by our suppliers.

We would like to formally apologize to our valued customers and the general public for the shortages of petrol. We would like to assure you that this shortage will be alleviated as Trinity is importing more petrol. Trucks carrying Petrol are arriving and will be distributed through our stations. We will keep our stations open till late in order to serve our customers. Please be assured that the pump price of petrol will remain at the current rate of SSP 200 per litre.

Looking ahead, a ship MT Maersk Provider is discharging petrol in Mombasa and this will be ready for loading once cleared for export. Our suppliers have assured us that all our orders placed with them will be met.

We would like to assure the general public and our valued customers that this scarcity of petrol is being resolved.

Thank you,

Trinity Energy Team

Juba, South Sudan”

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