Shortage of teachers hits Pageri County

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Shortage of teachers has hit Pageri Country in Torit state, Commissioner Emilo Alimas has said.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview, Alimas said most of the teachers who fled to refugee camps in Uganda have not returned home while those within have quit the profession due to low pay.

He said most of them joined Non-Governmental Organizations working in the area.

Alimas said those who are available at the school need to be motivated so that others can be inspired to join the profession.

“We need to motivate our teachers so that they can love their job and work with wholeheartedly. The schools need to be rehabilitated so that they can be friendly for learning,” he said.

Alimas said all public health facilities and schools in Aswa, Loa, Moli and Kerepi need to be rehabilitated to attract people to come back home.

However, he said despite challenges, the relatively calm and peaceful environment has brought a little confidence, which has seen quite a number of refugees and internally displaced persons returning home.

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