Shortage of fuel affects public transport

Lack of fuel in the city has affected the movement of people from home to their various places of work. Drivers have even given up, others do not even mind of coming to the bus station.

The Chairperson of Juba City Legislative Council, Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu said, “it is the problem of fuel that is making movement difficult, saying the shortage of fuel has affect the working class since they can not come to work in time.

He said because of delay in moving the few cars that are working, there are no public vehicles in the city for the past two days.

“The cost of living is a problem not event transport, but water is a problem, when you go to Gudele residential area one drum of water is 160SSP due to expensive fuel,” Allah-Jabu said.

“the number of cars used to be too many in the streets of Juba but now when you, the number have reduced because of fuel scarcity in the market”, he said.

Allah-Jabu said they are working hard to solve the issue of fuel in the, urging the community to bear the situation as the authorities are still working for the shortage of fuel and expecting positive changes.

James Abei Kenyi, a driver complained that what makes them increase the transport fare is because the shortage of fuel.

“If you go to the  petrol station there is no fuel, you have to line up for fuel, sometimes you dont get it. Most of the drivers have given up because they can not come to the bus station as you see in Juba town there are few cars because some went to search for fuel,” Kenyi said.

Meanwhile, the Director General in Juba Teaching Hospital, Dr Isaac Clet said shortage of public transport has affected service delivery in the hospital since workers come to work  late sometimes.

“Lack of transport has affected services delivery in the hospital because workers do not come fro work in time. sometime when you are having duty at evening hours it becomes  a problem,” Dr. Clet said.

Meanwhile, Esther Abua, a public transport user said public transport is now problems since there is not enough transport because of fuel shortage in the city, urging the fuel sellers to reduce the cost of fuel in market in order to reduced the high cost of transport in the city and indeed,  the whole country.

By Rose Keji Benjamin




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