SHIRKAT-Land committee tables ownership report

By Gilo Jr. Okwata

The ownership of Shirkat piece of Land that sparked off dispute and claimed the lives of six people including Lt. Colonel Lual Marine has been confirmed.

The committee formed by the President said the land does not belong to late Lual Akook neither Ajith Jok Yor, the man implicated in the murder, according to the Committee instituted by President to investigate the Matter.

Addressing the Media, the Minister of Presidential Affairs, Nhial Deng Nhial said that the President decided that the report should be made public in the interest of justice and transparency to avoid speculations.

“Initially the committee comprised of 7 members but it was later thought better to expand the committee and that was done through the co-opting of 5 additional members in order to achieve greater inclusivity and also to enhance its national character,” Nhial said.

He stated that the incident was sparked by disputed over land between Lt. Colonel Lual Akook and a civilian by the name Ajith Jok Yor.

“Ajith Jok had obtained a sub-lease of plot of land in three compound of Bor Bus Station known as Bor Bus Park. On this plot he erected a public toilet. Bor Bus Park itself sits on the Land owned and Registered in the Name of Mr. David Gore Costino of Tokiman East Payam.

Lt. Colonel Lual Akook now deceased subsequently erected two row of iron sheet shops next to Ajith Jok’s existing public toilet. The fence that Lual Akook constructed around his shops was extended to enclose part of the public toilet driveway reserved for sewage tanker trucks to occasionally empty the septic pits. This practically made the toilet unusable which basically brought it to halt,” Nhial said.

He added that Ajith Jok had consequently launched a complaint against Lual Akook actions with the local authority which upon inspection determined that Lual Akook ongoing construction should cease and that part of the fence already put up should be demolished.

Nhial clarified that the finding did not find any conspiracy in the matter but admitted some elements of politics in it.

“According to the committee, the incident was a consequent of dispute over a piece of land contested by two parties, Jok had a valid legal claim in the matter, second the authority did not take immediate action when the issue was first brought to their attention, third the dispute was aggravated by community sympathies of the two sides, the slogan that was displayed at the protest indicate that there were some elements who wanted to politicize the matter but no conspiracy,” Nhial said    

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