Shirkat issue to be handled with care

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The issue of land in Shirkat area was to be handled in good manner would have not caused lives. Otherwise any matter involving killing becomes sensitive in a way of solving it. It was better that there was a committee formed to investigate how the problem  started and to the extent of killing late  Lt. col. Lual Akook and others who were injured in the physical confrontations.

The case is not going to be land dispute alone but it will carry into two different cases. One is to know the basis of the problems, second is to know how people were killed. If right from the beginning, the matter was solved in good manner, it would have not reached the level that killed Akook. The killing happened as a result of anger used as a way to resolved problem.

And this is not the first time for people to be killed due to land dispute, many people have died in the process of defending their lands, whether it was their rights or not nobody knows. It happens because people are not applying law on how to get their rights. They applied law latter when somebody is killed, that will be the time people go to police and get into legal producers to handle the case.

Such kind of manners should be abandon completely; we need to solve problems by applying laws that give us right and stop people to revenge in any situation. Several people grabbed lands using their positions which normally ended badly and sometimes result in killings. The positions you are holding is not to be used for taking innocent people properties by force.  If you take them, God will not bless you with what you have done. Anything you do or you are doing, remember the procedures you used, is it the right procedures or wrong. You need to think for the outcome and the results of what you do before doing it. By having all those questions in minds, they will direct you to do the right things.

For anything we are doing, the first thing is fear of God, if you have that in minds, you will do the right things always,  and you will be in a better position to reduces problems in your community and across the country.

May God bless us all.

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