Shirikat land case adjourned again

By Nema Juma

The Shirikat court hearing at the Juba High Court has been adjourned again to 15th March 2021,

Earlier, the court was postponed because most of the suspects did not appear in the court.

While addressing the Media at Juba High Court, the  head of Public prosecutors, SabirWani said that the court has been adjourned to 15th of March and they would be ready to give their Prosecution opening speech, plan, and giving evidence against two groups.

The reason of adjourning this session is that there is a challenge in regards to bringing of the exhibits and also arrest of some of the accused persons because some of them are not in the country.

We requested the court to give us more time so that the accused persons will be presented in the court and there are about 12 accused persons that will be brought.

One is out of the country and the other 12 are still being searched for their locations, if they fail to appear then the court will decide on what to do.

Meanwhile one of the Defenders of group B George Angier, said that he was so disappointed about how this case is being handled.

He stated that he wanted the court to understand the time table of the lawyers but his request was not accepted.

The lawyers are the presidents of the court adding that before they set date for the court they should listen to the lawyers first.

“I was trying to ask but the court refused to listen to my request and how I have been saying, I hope this court should be impassion, it should be neutral to each part, we want fair trial, we want to be treated equally and the court should listen to the parties,” he explained.

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