Sherikart land case hearing adjourned

By NemaJuma

Juba high court has postponed Shirkat land case hearing over disputes that led to the killing of over six people including the SSPDF solider last year to fourth of this month.

While addressing the press at the session in Juba yesterday, the lawyer of the defendant, Bol John Alier, said that the session was adjourned up to 4th of March 2021, because some of the accused have not been arrested and brought to the court.

He added that as such the court decided to adjourn the session to date four, so the next session “I hope the other accused will be brought to the court and the court proceedings will continue, Well we have twenty four accused in group B,” Alier added.

Last year, violencebroke out in a public bus park in the Sherikat neighborhood of Juba between local residents and armed military officers;the dispute was over a public toilet allegedly built on private land.

In response to the killings, approximately 1,000 civilians gathered in the Sherikat market later that morning, at 9:30 a.m, and marched to the Rejaf Police post.

Peaceful protests also took place in the town of Bor, where the Sherikat residents killed that morning were from. National security service and military intelligence arrested two protesters

However, PresidentSalvaKiir Mayarditestablished an Investigation Committee led by the Justice Minister and consisting of the heads of the army, police, military intelligence, and the National Security Service, the director for public prosecutions, and one civilian. 

They were mandated to investigate thekillings in Sherikat during the initial confrontation over land, and to issue their findings to the President within seven days.

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