Shearer tells R-TGoNU to urgently appoint Governors

By Morris Dogga

The United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General David Shearer is urging the revitalized unity government to quickly appoint the State governors.

Since President Salva Kiir made a compromise on the number of states by dissolving the defunct 32 states and returning the country into the ten states three weeks ago, the gubernatorial positions have been vacant.

Shearer said the absence of the governors was causing power vacuum and decision making process in the states citing the recent attacks in the Pibor Administrative Area.

“The filling of the governor position is particularly urgent. The absence of the authority at the state level is causing vacuum of power and decision making as we have seen in Jonglei State involving those involved in communal violence and inter communal clashes,”  sheared said yesterday.

Addressing a press conference on his recent briefing to the UN Security Council and on the recent communal clashes in Pibor,  Shearer said there were about 8000 people living in makeshifts near the UNMISS base in Bor as a result of the recent clashes.

He described the situation of those displaced as terrible. Shearer added that the town of Likwangule in Pibor has been almost completely destroyed.

The outbreak of the communal violence in Pibor left thousands of people displaced, houses burnt.

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