Sharing is the way to God

By Akol Arop Akol
You know very well that when life gets harder there are always people who become hopeless and powerless to do what they want. They may want to rob or murder and if they are unable to do by them, they would come and tell you to do it and then get a commission or a reward. Others want to have servants to work for them and they sit down idly calling themselves bosses. Who do we think that would go to Heaven between a master and his servant?
Everyone has a right to go to Heaven but the deal or covenant is only between you and God. Don’t ever be fooled that if you are rich you can’t enter the kingdom of God. Don’t believe them all because no one knows if all rich people who had died are thrown to the fire because they have possessions on earth. If we don’t want to get rich then why do we always work? Why is everyone trying different things and needs to be prosperous? If we stay lazy and idle, where will food and the needs come from? It is not really known that everyone is going to hell because of richness. God condemns those who don’t work with their strength and sweat. One of the Ten Commandments says “Don’t steal.” Now some people work day and night to make money. When they get it, they build their houses; buy cars, phones, dresses and so on. They may spend their money by going for tour or leisure around good places. Do these people have any problem? I only believe that we are the ones to make our choice. When we have money and we help poor people like cripple and blind ones, God can reward us with more blessings. If we share the food we have with our friends and all those in need, God will be happy with us. Problem only comes when you are really rich but selfish. Imagine if you have plenty food at home, but eat too much without giving to your neighbor who doubles days without eating, if you change clothes, wear for only and a month and throw it away, you are then selfish. God is saying when you have two clothes; you should give one pair to your neighbor. Instead of throwing them into dustbin, just give them to the person you see naked. You have V8 but when you get a sick person on the way, you don’t give him a lift. Can you remember that all what you have now are being given to you by someone special? He, the living father is the giver and provider of all what you own now. Even though you have worked so hard, He is the one who opens the way and make you successful.
See how many people have ended up with disappointing failures. They lost hope and got no power to move ahead.
You were praying all days and nights along for God to bless you but when you have received your goals by His graces, you now want to run away from him. If He was to ask you to give Him His share, what would you do? Will you give Him or insist?
Do you know that the person that comes and beg you is God? He is the one who sends those people you ignore because of miserly looks they are. He puts in their hearts to come and test you. Therefore, you need to please any person who approaches you, no matter how they look. Welcome them and show some hospitality. If you chase them away, one day you will reject God when he comes to your house. Be carefull with the people you meet in life. They have different purposes of coming to you. Take care of them. Listen to them and give what is necessary.

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