Share your fortune with the needy

By Agar Mayor Gai

People have different capacities in this country or the world in general. If you look at the lives we are living as South Sudanese. With no doubt you will see and define our general livelihood. You will find that others are richer and wealthier than the other. And also one will find difference as others are being disadvantaged with more life shortcomings than his fellow country mates.

However, this difference in our life status is not something that someone would be blamed for. There are a number of innate factors that bring about the life differences. Others are born disabled people and so they cannot be in that position of living up to the real standard of life. And more importantly, success of human beings does not come to all of them at one time.

This year may be mine and next year may be yours. That is how God has designed it and no human has the power to change it. Some also grew up in places where they were not exposed to tough life conditions and so, if the people catering for their needs depart into the soil, their whole life become filled with miseries. They find nowhere to start and progress like other people. And so, in situations as such, these people find themselves being categorically put into a group of needy people.

These needy people are meant to be helped by all who have something to give or share with them. Be it individual people, the government or the aid organisations, all suits the duty of helping out these people.  However, it can be of more advantage if individuals could share and help out their friends more than the government and the aid organisations. It would be great if a person having two cloths give one to the needy before the external help reaches.

If there is no relative to pay his or her school fees, he finds someone to share that problem with him or her and if possible, get her to go and attend school lessons. And with that the person helping will have done a great service in the kingdom of God. It is recorded in the Holy Scripture that sharing is one of the things which will give you a ticket to the heavenly kingdom. That a time will come when Jesus will chase you and say I know you not. He will say that I fell sick and you helped me not, I was chased out of class and surely you did nothing.

All these statements of Jesus should really teach us a moral lesson. They should teach us the importance of sharing with the needy. A person who shares with the needy as the Bible says is like someone who has kept his money in the bank. Any time, you go to the bank and withdraw your money. In the same way, if you share and it happens that you fall into a big financial crisis, God sends to you the money or any property that you shared or gave to the needy.

And the needy for this case are the disabled, the students; the disease afflicted ones, the orphans and widows. Our country has all these groups of needy people but it is not a surprise that they have no one to share their problems with. They have not even someone to talk and walk with in their respective life journeys. These people are considered the most useless creatures of God. However, that is not what nature wants. It is said that creation lives until your last breathe.

So you may not know when you will lose your one leg, your wife or husband, the hour that you will fall sick and the time when you will find that the student whom you refused to help out during his school days has been helped by the almighty father and is now in a bigger position that you have to come to him for a certain kind of help.

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