Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

It is not easy to be on the helm and escape blame even if one is not directly involved or has mandated someone else to do the job. Some people are given positions but end up being a let-down to those who gave them the chance to serve the citizens in various capacities. It is common knowledge that the same people are not passing vital information to their top bosses, instead, they try to remain opaque to issues of national concern. They do not want to be transparent and accountable to their responsibilities and hide most of the issues that should be attended to under the table. These kinds of acts do not do anyone good and antagonize the country and the bosses. I am not very sure that l would like to dwell on the pros and cons of who should do what and where. The most important thing is that when you have been given or appointed in a position to serve the country and the people, just do that because you won the favour of that person who appointed you. There are a number of people who have not lived up to the expectation as required by their responsibilities which are indicated in their appointment operational manual. Either, they divert their attention to do other things or purposely sleep on the job. It is unethical and unbecoming for one to accept to be in a position of authority but cannot meet his/her service delivery as required. I am one person if it comes to be that l find myself in such a situation then l will just throw in the towel and call it a quit because there are others outside there who can do it better. It is pointless to become a load to those who have given you a chance to do something for the country. I must agree to take up a position only and if only l am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that l can deliver and be of use and supportive to the appointing authority and the citizens. Being a let-down must be in the past not to be witnessed. Sometimes, those in the appointing position are forced to do other people’s jobs that they had entrusted to others. We live in a world where honesty and trust should dictate our future not otherwise. It is sad that sometimes hierarchy in the expression and operations are not adhered to. It is the most effective way of being honest and truthful that one had failed and should not be allowed to continue holding their positions as they had failed and disappointed the appointing authorities. For example, why should some people whose services are needed hang coats in their offices and go out for more than three hours in the name of having lunch? Is it in the public service code of conduct? These are some of the let-down crops in the public service delivery system which should not be entertained. 

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