Shanxi province, the Chinese Historical Province

Foreign Diplomats and Chinese Nationalsat the Ministry of Foreign affairs

during the promotion event [Photo by Morris Dogga]

By Morris Dogga in China

Displays of arts of ancient Cultural Heritage and Chinese Traditional Dances greeted thousands of both Foreign Diplomats and Chinese citizens in Shanxi Province as it held its Promotion event on Monday evening.

The Shanxi province is considered the birth place of the Chinese Civilization. It preserved the Chinese heritage sites dating back to over five thousand years.

Over 70 years since the founding of China, the province has achieved huge progress in terms of productivity and improvement of the cost of living of the people. The socio economic development has become supplementarily coordinated.

The yellow River-which is found in the province, is considered the mother River of China.

The government supported the unemployed families. Social insurance schemes covering 95 percent off the populations and a nine year free education was extended to the further corners of the province.

It produces a pair of train wheel every minute-serving trains in china and other parts of the world.

Speaking at Shanxi global promotion activities Wang Yi,Councillor and Foreign Minister said the Ministry will focus on global promotion activities.

“Over 70 years, the Communist Party of China led the entire Chinese people united as one, hard work and have made brilliant achievements in national development and construction.”

The event celebrated under the theme”The new era of China”, the China’s famous historical and cultural province is home to Wutai Mountain, Buddhism resort, fine Yungang Grottoes, a spectacular Hukou Waterfall and the legendary ancient city of Pingyao.

“It is a picture of beautiful card “Best in the world vinegar”. It is renowned to Chinese and foreigner after the founding of new China, as resources in the province,” he said.

Shanxi’s coal industry have lit half of China, known as the backbone supporting development of new China according to the foreign Minister.

“In 2019, we will continue to deepen reform, expand opening up, work hand in hand with other countries.”

This year China will hold the second session in Beijing International Cooperation Forum.

Wang stressed that China will be in the spirit of sharing jointly with the parties to further build consensus, a clear direction, expand the results, promote Building toward a higher quality, higher standards and higher levels ahead,”

“We will also host the second session of the China International Import Expo, continue to allow countries to share China’s development opportunities, and jointly promote the construction of an open world economy.”

A display of rockets that are being manufactured in the province


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