Shabab-Le-Shabab Health Alliance launches youth compact validation

By: Kitab A UNango

A coalition of more than 25 national organizations including youth and advocate organizations known as Shabab-Le-Shabab Health Alliance have launched national youth compact validation document.

This aims to address issues of HIV prevention among youth, Sexual Reproductive health services and gender based violence in the country.

Speaking during the launch yesterday, Abel Dominic, Executive Director of Civil Society for Human Right Organization who is also the Co-Chair of Shabab-Le-Shabab Health Alliance said youth were the victims of current situation in the country.

”Youth are the victims in every aspect, they are the greatest people affected by HIV, they lack Sexual Reproductive health services and are affected by gender based violence,” Dominic said.

Dominic said the alliance would build the capacity of youth, advocate and lobby government to enact and implement policies to the advantage of young people such as eradication of forced marriages.

He called on youths to unite and find amicable solutions that will address their problems instead of focusing on negative activities.

The Administrator and Finance Officer of Osil Partner in Relief, who preferred to be known only as Peter said government should provide solutions to issues facing young people in the country so as to achieve lasting peace in the country.

“My message to the government is to look into issues facing the youth in the country and try to act on and find solutions to issues affecting youth,” Peter said.

According to Dominic, Shaba-Le-Shabab Health Alliance is established based on recommendation of 2018 national youth conference that led to the declaration of Youth civic engagement and participation.

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