Shab Nazz struggles with fiancé, appeals for support

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Shab Nazz Muisc International is Live Band team of 12 members comprising of two women and ten men who perform live music in Juba city.

The music Band that has been in the scene for the last five years has not yet started enjoying the fruits of their hard work.

Nasar Kenyi, a member of the Band opened up to Juba Monitor and appealed for financial support so that the Band can nature other talented South Sudanese out there.

With the eagerness of developing other talent in the country Shab Nazz believes that if once funded, they will be able to do a lot in the music industry of the country.

Live Band performances involves a lot of training and this where the problem of Shab Nazz music comes as most of their members are in different places.

“We train two times a week, some people due to transport problems fail to make it to the training place and this affects the performance of the team “said Kenyi

When it comes to recording their composed songs studio fees is another barrier said Kenyi and this has forced not to record other songs.

Kenyi also revealed that the music industry is less appreciated in the country as they are paid peanuts for performances.

“We would make money from our performances but what we earn from gigs is too small to keep us going,” Kenyi said.

Joseph Peter of Shab Nazz International added that currently they have many peace building songs but are limited to funds to spread the message to the entire country.

Shab Nazz at times plays for South Sudanese legend General Paulino in his gigs.


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