It is encouraging to note that the national police launched a plan to address sexual violence in the country. This is comforting and consoling to the youth who would turn out to be victims of this crime perpetrated by some heartless people who view young girls and women as ‘put for take’ at their own conveniences without formality. It is coming to being that even youth boys are becoming victims of this senseless action by sick minds. The police should not just draw plan but should find out the actual cause and why it was becoming so common in the society. Is it ignorance of the law or traditional norms that are encouraging the practice? Sometimes the perpetrators are people with sound mind and background and one would wonder why they could get themselves into such act while aware of the consequences. The need to have proper plan to protect the vulnerable is now and should be implemented with stern penalties imposed on the offenders.  The offenders should be told and made aware that their acts could not be tolerated in the civilized society. In most cases sexual abuse are administered by people in uniform leaving the victim with little if any choice to follow. It is not acceptable that people charged with responsibilities of protecting the general public should turn around to be the enemy of the society they are supposed to serve and protect. Cases involving men in uniform have mostly ended being sorted outside the courts for fear of the aftermath repercussion. This kind of situation should be addressed so that the victims would be assured of their safety if and when they report such cases. However, the police department and other relevant players against sexual violence should come out and make their stand solid and known to the general public that they would be protected should they fall victims of the vice and reported the matter to the police.

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