Sexual Violence on rise in refugee camps

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

Gender Based Sexual Violence has drastically increased by 40% among South Sudanese refugees living in Rhino camp in Uganda, Juma Steven welfare Secretary has said.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Juma Steven, General Secretary in the office of refugee’s welfare revealed that the cases increased by 40% due to covid-19 coupled lockdown.

 “As refugees leaders, we have tried in rising awareness about the conditions and situation in which the refugees are undergoing currently,” Steven stressed.

He said defilement has been the biggest problem where many perpetrators are jailed.

Steven stated that issues of ratios cards separated many families where women blames their husbands for misusing food ratios, which resulted to several disputes among the communities in the camps.

“Some of the refugees who receives cash money has a lot of dispute with families, some men spend money on drinking without coming back home,” he added.

He said as refugees leaders we have decided to advice the community on how to use the food ratio and how to minimize the little food ratio they received after two months. 

Steven called on the refugees to report to the office of the RWC and the police when there are disputes in the communities.

“We have been having a lot of problems during food distribution that always brings fighting and misunderstanding among the refugees, so my fellow brothers and sisters we should better remain peaceful, we ran from problem in our country searching for peace,” he noted.

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