Cases of rape have been on the rise in the recent past in which some of the victims ended up losing their own lives. It is being reported from various parts that cases of this nature are taking place and are on the increase with some offenders being arrested while others are going scotch free in the eyes of some members of the security organs. Such cases must be brought to an end for the civility and human rights courses. No crime is too little to be ignored. Rape is rape and there is no other name that can be coined to suit such abuse of human being irrespective of who has committed it. Those involved must be brought to book and appropriate action taken to ensure this culture does not continue unabated. Three women were raped in Yei and four in Rock City, within Juba. In the Rock City case, a 60-year-old woman lost her life after the ordeal in which the area chief has described the culprit as a “serial rapist” whose activities have been going on in the area with full knowledge of the security organ. One might be compelled do dispute this later par, but the fact is that the chief confirmed the arrest of the rapist who is now said to have been released or is not in police custody under mysterious circumstances. This makes it so obvious that something fishy is in the offing. This mystery must be sorted out and women’s dignity maintained in all circumstances without bending the laws to suit one side. Rapists are dangerous characters who should not be allowed to roam or be let loose among the innocent public. They have no boundary of their act and are like wounded animals that seek shelters in any place, including vulnerable areas. Sexual offenders must be made to face the law of the country. They should not be left to prowl in the midst of their intended catch freely.

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