Seven Primary Health Care Centres upgraded to County hospitals

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Minister of Health in Lol state has confirmed that State council of minster had promoted seven county primary health Care Centres [PHCC] to County hospital.

In an interview with Juba Monitor on phone from the State capital Raja yesterday, Dr. Mohammedeen Abakar Mohammedeen said seven County PHCC had been promoted to County Hospitals.

Dr. Mohammedeen said that Raja County PHCC had also been promoted to State hospital.

He said the rest of the County PHCC would be promoted to County hospital in the near future.

The Minister stressed that there was need for community to have access to improved health service.

He said they wanted to enhance the health of the community and advance medical knowledge to reduce burden to the people.

“We hope to ensure healthy life by promoting well-being for all people. To achieve this people must have access to the essential health services they needed, including financial risk protection and access to a quality health workforce,” he added.

He reiterated that the community would benefit from such programs that could provide them with both power and resources to increase the effect of local initiatives.

Dr. Mohammedeen said that PHCC had proved to be a highly effective and efficient in addressing the main cause of diseases, risk factors and handling the emerging challenges.

He revealed that Primary health care system provided access to high quality care delivered by a team of health professionals that met the needs of patient and their families.

“ Hospital is an institution for health care providing patient with treatment by specialized staff and equipment,” Abakar said.


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