Seven killed, ten wounded in cattle raid

By Moses Gum Degur

At least seven people were killed and ten others wounded including 2 underaged children in a cattle raid in Eastern Lakes state on Wednesday last week.

The incident occurred on 27th September at Nyinmayar cattle camp in former Aweirial County.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Eastern Lakes State Minister of Information, Abraham Majak Makur said armed youths from neighboring communities within the state launched an attack on Aliap cattle camp of Nyinmayar and raided about fifty eight heads of cattle.

He said the suspected cattle rustlers are believed to be from the neighboring communities of Yirol West and East Counties.

“It was on the 27th of September when the incident happened. Criminals attacked Aliap cattle camp of Nyinmayar and moved away with fifty eight head of cattle. The incident left seven people dead and ten more injured along with thirty eight head of cattle caught in a cross fire”, Majak added.

Minister Majak alleged that his government has exerted all efforts to arrest those involved in the incident by detaining their ringleaders and sub-chiefs.

He confirmed that three ringleaders and two sub-chiefs were arrested including; Tongdit Mayen, Malual Malou Lueth and Maluach Manyuol Mayen.

He said the arrested suspects will face justice and will answer charges in a court of law.

The Minister condemned the act in the strongest term possible terming it inhumane and a brutal act.

He further said the state governor has directed the security organs, chiefs and the county commissioners to restore the raided cattle with immediate effect for peace to prevail.

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