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Seven killed in Gok, Western Lakes fight

By Mabor Riak Magok

Seven people have died in a fight between armed youth from Gok and Western Lakes states.

Three others sustained serious injuries during the fight in Alel village near Abiriu County of Gok State last week

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Minister of Information of Gok State John Madol Panther confirmed the incidents.

He said the casualties were being treated at Cuei-bet State hospital.

“This is a situation we are in now. The cause of the attack was reported to be some cattle said to have been raided from Western Lakes State but those youth who fought with the attackers did not raid cattle from them,” Madol said.

Madol said authorities in Western Lakes State will investigate the incident.

“We condemn the attack against Gok State and we urged the authorities to respect interstate peace dialogue resolutions were signed between the governments and communities in the two states,” Madol said.

Malek County Commissioner Majok Arop Majok also confirmed the incident.

He said three young men from his county died in the attack.

Majok said the clashes was caused by suspicions over cattle raids that resulted into tension between armed youth groups in the two states.

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