Seven dead in Luri Bridge incident

By Bullen Bala Alexander

At least seven people have been confirmed dead, twelve survived and two others went missing after a passenger vehicle got drowned into the stream at Luri Bridge.

Capt. Kegan Khater Lamba, a crime office at Luri County of Jubek State said that, the incident happened last Saturday evening.

Capt. Lamba said the Land Cruiser that was traveling from Juba to Mundri, Amadi State was carrying 21 passengers, 200 iron sheets and other goods.

He said the driver defied the order from the security officers at the check point not to cross the Bridge until it was passable.

“Unfortunately after the security personnel had left the place, the driver changed his mind and drove through the running water which overturned the vehicle into Luri River,” Capt. Lamba said.

He said seven death bodies have been discovered and two others have been taken by the River.

“Among the dead bodies, a woman and her four children were confirmed dead and we are working hard to find the missing bodies,” he said.

The police officer said this was the third incident that lives have been lost along Luri Bridge since the year begun.

Capt. Lamba said there should a plan to have checkpoints on both sides of the bridge to control movement especially when it rains.

Rebecca Joshua the national Minister of Roads and Bridges admitted that Luri River has been a challenge, adding the government was working hard to build a new Bridge.

“We have been telling people to be careful because any of these bridges that fall along mountainous areas, when it rains the water flows with heavy force,” she said.

“I have been saying that when there is too much water the drivers should not drive through it that is the information we normally give to people,” Rebecca stressed.

She said according to the information she received, the driver was instructed not to cross because the water was heavy and he insisted.

“We need to listen to the advice from others and our security personnel who are working very hard and we shall continue appreciating them,” Rebecca said.

“These are lives, we do not want to lose them and please take it and listen to the advice and do not drive when the water level is higher,” she said.


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