Seven ambassadors called back home within sixty days

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has given sixty days’ notice to ambassadors in Eritrea, Sudan, Uganda, Egypt, Germany, Britain, and India to report back to Juba.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Mawein Makol Ariik  the Ministry’s spokesperson admitted that the government called back its  diplomats, saying it is a normal routine.

He said according to the foreign affairs’ regulations, ambassadors are always appointed to go out for a term of four years and when that elapses, they are called back and new ones are appointed.

“It is a kind of rotation and the administration of foreign affairs have informed the seven ambassadors that their terms are over and they have to come back home,” he said.

He urged the citizens living in those seven countries not to worry as there will be people who will be acting until the new ambassadors are appointed.

“We do not always announce the appointment of the ambassador before he/she is accepted by the country he/she will be sent to. It is not like removing a minister and appointing a new one overnight”.

Ariik dismissed the allegations that the government was intending to cut down the number of embassies abroad.

“Let the people know that the government is not closing down any embassy and as a young nation, we need to increase more missions abroad instead,” Ariik said.

By Opio Jackson


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