Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

The public have a right to know what is happening to their fellow country-mates if and when it is necessary. It could be in or outside the country, the latter, one of the main reasons why countries open diplomatic missions to access any happenings within a reasonable time. Mix reports have been coming from the neighbouring Sudan that citizens of this country have been killed. The number keeps on fluctuating but is said to be 34 people now waiting for the hangman’s rope. When has not been said. A South Sudanese activist in Khartoum Achol Malong has painted a shocking and sickening picture of the whole situation and confided that all these information had been passed to this country’s embassy in Khartoum. Amb Kan Nak Maper has not confirmed. We know the matter is between two sisterly states. We understand that diplomatic process must take its own cause above other things. But truly some information should be coming out from the capital Khartoum over the matter. Keeping it or down playing the matter will only cause more anxiety and create a room for speculation over the matter. It would be ideal considering that at one point the ambassador had agreed that the matter was being handled in court, for him to publicly inform home whatever the situation was. Many a time being open is the best way to win a trust and admiration whatever the crime is, the truth must be told as it is. When you suppress the truth then many will see you as protecting or blocking something which you do not want others to know. It is even worse when the mother ministry remained mum over such matter with those mandated in the know claiming not to know. What is happening is like some peoplewho  are given mandates are playing games among themselves or trying to sabotage the public operations so that the whole system should be blamed. I am sure that we all can live above these innuendoes and chat a positive direction for the growth of the nation without pointing a finger towards the other person. This can only succeed if and when we put our priorities right by doing better what we are mandated to do even at the diplomatic mission abroad. In the meantime let the citizen of this country know exactly what happened that led to the death sentence of the 34 citizens. Circumstance have forced them to find themselves in this situation which they might not have anticipated, but we say that we are all equal in the eyes of the almighty thatforgiveness was the only yardstick of honest heart.As they handle this matter both the mother ministry and the embassy in Khartoum should bear in mind that they are serving the interests of the general public who are asking questions about the fate of their fellow country-mates that should be given straight and honest answers.

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