SERIOUS-Crime,12 gang members nabbed

By William Madouk Garang

The South Sudan National Security Services (NSS) yesterday cut off the web of serious criminal network as 12 gang members who are suspected to be involved in series of crime serious crime related activities were arrested by Internal Security Bureau-ISB for being involved in counterfeits, stealing vehicles, robbing motorists’ armed with dangerous weapons and in possession of harmful chemicals in Juba.

The suspects were arrested in possession of fake currency in the form ofUSD 93,071,000 notes and other stolen item swhich included three tricycles, one Noah vehicles, two Premioone Van Guards and more than six motorcycles.

According to the Director of Public Relation- NSS, David John Kumori,the suspects were apprehended on Wednesday in a scrutiny and counter operations where the NSS-team managed to captured ten South Sudanese and two foreigners hailing from Guinea Bissau and Liberia respectively with various fake currencies and other illegal properties which are pending investigations.

“The arrest ensued as a result of first surveillance and counter operations that was launched by the Division’s Surveillance Force, in which  the team managed to apprehend the suspects with 88,000,000 in the form of black US Dollars, 5,071,000 incomplete US Dollars and 400,000 notes of South Sudanese Pounds as well as chemical producing powders and other ingredients,” Kumori said.

“The second operation yielded the apprehension of stolen items which included three Raksha, one Noah, a Premio and a Van Guards vehicles and more than six motorcycles,” he added.

He also said that the suspects had already admitted the ownership of the counterfeit United State Dollars and they revealed that they were arrested in the process of planning to inject the fake currencies in the market.

The Director of Public Relation urged citizens to be vigilant of those sophisticated financial schemes that would put their businesses at risk.

Kumori said that the operation was part of the on-going bureau’s effort to combat fraudulent schemes and bring justice to those who were preyed upon as well as effort to protect South Sudanese.

He promised that NSS would identify perpetrators no matter where they reside and would be cut off the flow of ill-gotten gains.

“National Security is committed to work with the public agencies to continue to identify these criminals and dismantle their network. The detained criminals are pending investigation process as ISB seriously warned criminals still at large to deceit, as operation to counter and crack down their network wereunderway,”he concluded.

In May this year, National Security Service had also arrested 12 people suspected of abducting, torturing and killing people along highways linking the capitalJuba to other states in the country. The group caused insecurity along highways and also hindered the movement of goods and services.

In April last year, National Security detained 33 alleged criminals for committing various crimes including the killings in Juba. The suspects comprised of South Sudanese, a Ugandan and Rwandan national and later handed them to police.

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