Separate Criticism from politics

By Akol Arop Akol

It is not sitting under trees or walking on the streets talking that makes one a politician. In people’s views, especially those who don’t know how to play leadership well, they consider politics as power or authority that gives them voice to speak out everything they want, to demand or take something for themselves and no one complains because they are the superior.

They also see politics as power to protect them from those they consider as their opponents, to be higher than them and treat them as subordinates.

This is witnessed in many cases. You can see today in our country, when an accident happens, the bystanders and the relatives of the victims would converge to the ground and start talking and disagreeing.

Without calling the traffic police to come to intervene into the situation and take care of the patience, the friends and relatives of the most injured person would want to fight the other because they think their colleague has been knocked down intentionally. Thus, some people come from nowhere and involve themselves.

From being an accident, it grows into something different, especially when the victims are not of similar tribal backgrounds. They would be crying down there in pain instead of rushing the victims to the hospital. A spectator eventually gets involved to judge who is wrong or who is right. It is not their work to do. Their aim is just to show off that one is a soldier, a security agent, or a politician.

As such, they exchange insults which forces them to call their people or officers. You would hear words like, ‘’you don’t know me, you will see soon’’ as they keep dialing their phones. Why showing off power in every business?

It is not bad to practice your duties in case you find an abrupt incident. What I know is that, in order to do your work in public you must be having uniform or Identity to show that you are an officer. But the problem with our officers is that they don’t show their IDs to let people respect and allow them to do their work when they get certain occurrences happening in the public.

Everyone has his own work, but not applicable in every situation. Like when accident happens, the witness may volunteer to help the victims with First Aid or rushing them to the Hospital. They should not keep shouting and ending up boxing themselves just because they need to be known.

It is an issue that is always happening on the streets. People have taken politics more serious than other important things in life. They discuss politics in bars, under trees, schools, offices, markets and everywhere. In reality politics is everywhere and anyone can be a politician. What matters is how one runs them.

When things to do with leadership need to be put in a better form, noble politics become the solution to let people have power and voice to demand for just and fair treatment. As people all have issues they need to express out, they cannot all be heard so they have to choose a representative to act on their behalf.

In dismay, the trusted ones turn to be selfish and merciless. Crying widows, hungry-begging orphans and the disables they supposed to help are betrayed.

Sitting under trees to talk about politicians or leadership is not what South Sudan needs. You can criticize views and deeds of other leaders but make sure you differentiate criticism from politics. By criticizing, you are challenging bad ideologies and actions and showing people how they are done.

As a leader, you already have the ability to make changes. If you are a business person, you can go and build school, church or hospital for the community. This is another way of showing what other leaders are supposed to do.

Politics are dirty when misplayed and fueled with gossiping and hatred.


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