SENTRY, Gov’t strongly refutes report

By: Nema Juma

The Government yesterday came out to strongly refute the Sentry Report which was released by the Washington based Enough Project, commonly known as The Sentry with damning allegations of economic and war crimes in the country.

During a press conference at State House in Juba called to make the government position known and clear on the mega corruption allegations by the US based organization The Sentry, a subsidiary of Enough Project, the Presidential Pres Secretary Ateny Wek Ateny said on September 19th, 2019, the   so called Sentry which is a human right advocacy released damning report on the alleged economic, Corruption and war crimes in the country titled the “Taking of south Sudan”.

“The tycoons, Brokers and Multinational Corporation, Complicit in hijacking the world’s newest State,” Ateny said.

He stated that this is one of the many documents The Sentry has released on South Sudan since 2016.

He further said that owing gravity of the allegations made in the Sentry report, the government of the republic of South Sudan cannot help but responds to set the records straight.

“In this collection, the office of the President established an investigative team to look in to this allegation, representing the underlining facts about war and corruption in our country,” Ateny said.

He stated that the response which used a multi-pronged approach is illuminating and sheds an important light on key findings on which The Sentry bases its policy Advisory.

The Presidential Press Secretary stated that this Response, in no way, shape, or form, denies the existence of pervasive corruption, nor excuses the gruesome violence the people of South Sudan have endured in the last 6years.

“Instead the emphasis of response that has been to set the records straight that way South Sudan adopts policies that are politically socially and economically sustainable,” Wek said.

He said The Sentry offers unreliable source in several cases, forcing some in to the story, in the end, various sources either do not cohere with the story, do not exist or have a link that is not easily traceable.

On addition, the Presidential Press Secretary said that The Sentry peddles lies to paint a misleading picture of South Sudanese experience with War and corruption, suggesting policies that are capable of perpetuating instability in the country,

“instead of being constructive, The Sentry has chosen to be destructive nonetheless the government of South Sudan is of course with the plans to bring about lasting peace in the country, paving ways for institutional building and fostering good governance,” Ateny stated.

Speaking to the press, Ateny named the group as the so called  subsidiary of enough project, human rights Advocacy group based in the Washington DC

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