Sentenced to life time economic despair

By Ngor Khot Garang

At this age of catastrophes, it takes human solidarity to get through the murky waters of this life and this is to say that when problem hits, human beings are always expected to come together with one solution and that is the only way forward but our Africanleaders have been for generations, make us laugh but sometimes I don’t think if there is anyone who has the gut to laugh or smile amidst these seemingly never ending situation. Everyone is sad and nothing completely makes sense. Calling God but he is just quiet!

But these people, I mean our political leaders will always try anything possible to add theirs into the mix. The killing of poor Africans and the looting of Africa’s resources is and has always been the leading cause of Africa’s poverty.

The African soil that is so rich and fertile but become a burying ground and not for the elderly, Africa is burying its young ones and the number of people who have died as a result of gun violence and political greed cannot be calculated.

The blood of innocent African has to pour every single minute and don’t let me mention rape which has been used as a weapon of war by alpha citizens. Last week, a 65 year old woman was gang raped and killed. And we can imagine, an old woman, this is a sign that we are animals pretending to be human beings. What kind of human would be so cruel to the extent where he forcefully slept with someone older enough to be his grandmother?

Believe it or not, we are cursed and we need to pray a lot because our problems are spiritual. Look at the way they have strangled our economy and the suffering majority still goes to bed with empty stomachs and the other group enjoy at the expense of the poor South Sudanese. This sucks but who cares and whose life?“Go hang yourself if you are tired of this life”. That is what they will tell you and sometimes they do it quickly for you. They will come right to your home and kill you mercilessly.

I think there is nothing completely to feel happy for neither is there anything to celebrate?  Our only hope God, what is the way out? Is there a silver lining or should we just wait to be lowered in our small graves? It is very disheartening to believe that our African continent has been destroyed on our sight, when we are just watching behind closed doors.

This could be the end but let me stop here and revise the great move taken by Joe Biden, this American leader has something to learn from and it is a great lesson to our power hungry politicians. The approval of $1.9 trillion relief package shows that the American government values its people but this could be the reason why our leaders rushed into political lockdowns because they think that they will get something from this relief package approved by Joe Biden.

We have always relied on foreign aids from countries like United States and we thinkit is the way we will get rich. This is very heartbreaking. The American people have always been there for us and that is humanity. During the war, they stood with the African and even went on to resettle most of the African in American soil so that they get better opportunities but this time is not for political jokes.

The coronavirus pandemic is something that should be dealt with head on and the American people this time should put their people first before everything. The rest who are playing with the lives of their own people should mind their own business. People should stop politics and look for the possible ways to avert the dire situation but who will ever listen when our people who should have been our only place of refuge only think of themselves? It will be something to bear with but the future is and will always look bleak for the African people. 

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