Senior politician calls on leaders to change mindset

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

A senior politician has called on leaders to change their mindset regarding how the peace agreement was being implemented.

Gabriel Changson Chang, Deputy Chairperson of National Pre-Transitional Committee said it will be hypocrisy of the highest order if people fail to form the R-TGoNU after the 100 days.

 “Let me tell you that if we cannot change our mindset in the way we are implementing this agreement, 22nd of February will pass by without forming R-TGoNU,” Chang said.

He was speaking during the peace implementation monitoring initiative, an event that was organized by civil society organizations to create a platform for parties to explain to the citizens the decision they made to extend the 100 days pre-transitional period.

He said unless there is political will from all the parties to the peace agreement, the R-TGoNU will not be formed on time.

“I think there is need for us to make sure that the peace agreement does not skip away from our hands and the only way to do that is that the agreement must be implemented,” Chang said.

“So let us be serious because we are talking about the life of people, we are talking about the destruction of the country,” he added.

However, the politician said he was optimistic that leaders and other politicians would come to the grip with reality and make sure that the R-TGoNU was formed on time.

Chang stressed that security agreement cannot be done within one day it is a process that will continue through the transitional period.

He said people normally say African problems with African solutions, but yet we do not have trust and confidence in ourselves.

He said for South Sudanese to create that political will they need to realize the magnitude of the problems in which they are in.

“We as politicians if we are given the luxury of time we we can drag on while neglecting the suffering of the people and we will also say we are the leaders and we are leading people,” Chang asserted.

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